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Shopping in the West Village

Pretty much everyone I’ve met in New York has a favorite neighborhood.. that is most likely not their own.  The American dream inspires us to dream big (and want more-eek!) and we sustain these desires by lingering around the places we want to create a future in.  

I like to linger in the West Village.  It’s no secret that the village is one of the most sought after places to reside in the city, with tree-lined Europeanesque streets, cozy bistros, red buildings, and chicer than chic boutiques.  The West Village is one of those rare nooks in New York City that remains traditional, charming, and always welcoming.  

When I imagine the older and more successful version of myself, I image myself here- devouring cupcakes at Magnolias, shopping bags overflowing, and notebook full of inspiration (on weekends, of course).

Part of the beauty of this neighborhood comes from the shops, delicately placed between apartments and flowering trees.  And you can shop till you drop.  Here are my recommendations on the stretch of Bleeker St. between Grove and Bank Street:

Reiss (For the princess in every girl).


Sandro (For the Frenchy-french).


Burberry Britt (For the investment trench coat).


James Perse (For the muted-color-minimalist). 


Zadig and Voltaire (For the earthy and alternative).


Jack Spade (For the boyfriend).



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