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Meet you at The Metropolitan.

One of the most magical, crowded, and awe inspiring places in New York City definitely has to be The Met.

This museum is a very special place for a lot of people because of it’s architecture, history, and diverse art collections.

I have loved coming here since I was an 18 year old freshman at Wagner College, fresh off the Staten Island ferry.  Then, the Met was an escape from mundane student living, and in the museum I could imagine I was in Egypt among the Pyramids, at mass in Renaissance Europe, or lounging with a Greek god in Athens.

When you enter the museum on the ground floor there is sort of a hush that comes over you.  On your right stands the remains of ancient Egypt, and on the left are native masks and totem poles from The Americas and Africa.  The Greek and Roman statues are close by in a sun filled gallery, and classical Asian and European paintings are just up the main staircase.  Deciding where to explore first can be difficult, especially when one is presented with such enticing special exhibitions as “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty,” “Art and Love in Renaissance Italy,” and “Tutankhamun’s Funeral.”

The place I like most to visit in The Met, is one that gives me peace, quiet, sun and space and [most importantly] away from the tourists.  The gallery is called the Robert Lehman Collection, and it holds a small collection of impressionist paintings that are simply dreamy.  The mysteries of how Renoir and Monet mixed their pastels to such perfection, captured the essence of the boudoir or the seaside, and the women who inspired such works of art, well, they really get me every time.  I enjoy the entire museum and all the genres, history and different mediums on display, but- it is in front of  the impressionists, that I  become truly inspired.

The paintings below are pure romance- dream away!

See the exhibitions for this month here.


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