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Eggs, toast, mimosa, perfection.

London has the infamous full english, Rome has espresso and a brioche, but New York has the ultimate, the king of all breakfasts: the brunch.

My travels have taken me far and wide, but never have I encountered a better brunch than in New York.  Many New Yorkers have “brunch pride,” and there’s a good reason for it, hence:

1. Brunch typically starts around 11am, and can go until 4:30pm!

2. Brunch is one meal that can take the place of three meals

3. Cocktails at brunch are not uncommon- mimosa’s and bloody mary’s are most popular

4. Brunch consists of the best food groups (eggs, toast, pastry, fruit, home fries, and sometimes whipped cream)

5. There’s nothing better to cure a hangover

Recently, I have brunched at three restaurants in Brooklyn; Roberta’s (Bushwick),  Fabiane’s (Williamsburg) and Chez Oskar (Fort Greene).  I loved the laid-back-french-bohemian atmosphere at Chez Oscar, thought the eggs were perfect at Roberta’s, but was a little disappointed with the lack of creativity at Fabiane’s.

Roberta’s is a haven in my neighborhood, as we have a severe lack of restaurants in general.  This Bushwick brunch spot is immensely popular, as the menu is tasty, organic, and inventive.  I enjoyed my meal complete with mimosa, and my only regret was that I didn’t take a box of their sticky buns home.

Chez Oskar is sunny, funny, and French.  Their eggs benedict did not disappoint- neither did the coffee.  My girlfriends and I had a fantastic time and would go back again soon (though a bit earlier, as it took awhile to be seated).

Fabiane’s had European style cappuccino, but their brunch menu was bland.  I had the baked eggs with feta cheese and tomato, which tasted ok, but lacked presentation.   Note to self: next time ditch the eggs, and go for the divine looking desserts in the gleaming case!

All in all, I always have a great time at brunch, and am happy to spend my dollars on delicious food, and a relaxing sunday afternoon experience.  After all, it’s much harder to go to work on Monday, if you haven’t had a proper brunch on Sunday 🙂

My roommates (foodies) have generously shared more places for a Sunday bite below:

Balthazar Restaurant

Walter Foods 


Clinton Street Baking Company




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