On Reinvention.

Yes, I know, I’ve not been posting often.. but there’s a reason why.  Upon my return to NYC I’ve been faced with another set of challenges.  Where I want to go with this blog entirely depends on my interests and what I plan to focus on in this city.. and the options are overwhelming!

The funny thing about moving so often, is that in each new place, you are given the choice  to reinvent yourself.  When I lived in Milan, I reinvented myself as a socialite (and a gelato fanatic, but let’s not get into that)- I tried to meet many people, attend many parties (er, clubs), and travel to many places.  When I lived in Boston, I reinvented myself for the corporate world- I dyed my hair from blonde to brown, read the newspaper on the T, and worked 9-5.

When I resided in Amsterdam, I reinvented myself in many ways: as a sort of Mary Poppins (nanny, home maker, etc) music enthusiast, and frequent traveller.  Now in New York I’m given yet another opportunity to pursue other interests, such as fashion and art.  Gosh, I’m starting to think I have too. many. interests.

Anyways, in the beginning (about two weeks ago when I moved), I wanted to keep my Brooklyn life simple.  Work hard, enjoy the company of friends, live a well- balanced life, cook healthy meals and go to the gym.  That was all.

Now, after meeting new people, riding the subway, seeing and feeling the rhythm of the city, I want more.  I want to reinvent myself with salsa lessons, and writing courses, boutique shopping, and theatre nights.  Galleries and patisseries beckon me with every glance.   There are martinis to be drank, parks to be walked through, and jazz to be listened to.  I want to live and breath New York culture again, and nothing shall stop me!

And now I progress to the point of this post.

When you live in such a varied city, you have choices on where to spend your money, and often you are judged on those choices.  Call it materialistic, call it phony, call it whatever you like, but in the big apple, one’s purchasing choices are a major topic of conversation.

Every like and dislike of my New Yorker friends is filed away in a little library in my brain, and brought to the forefront during what I call, a “preference discussion.”

Do you like Billy’s or Magnolia’s cupcakes?

Do you prefer Moma or The Met?

Starbucks or the coffee shop around the corner?

Bloomingdales or Henri Bendel? (for me, it’s more like H&M or Zara..)

Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Japanese or Thai?

Opera or ballet?

The possibilities are endless.

In the big city, it’s all about the little choices.  We may not control how fast the subway goes, or the price of our deli sandwich, and we CERTAINLY cannot control the price of a cocktail ($12 for a vodka tonic last night- boy, I wish money grew on trees)– BUT, we can control our preferences and hold our opinions as high as the Brooklyn bridge.

This all came full circle to me the other night as I was sitting at my new desk, staring at the New York City skyline, and practically pulling out my hair trying to think about what to write.  In my new New York City life, I would like to focus on discovering and reviewing the best of what this city has to offer, therefore reinventing myself as a proper New Yorker with educated opinions.  Whether it’s a yoga class or a restaurant in Little Italy, a new exhibit at The Frick Collection, or a music venue, New York has it all, and it would be my honor to share “it” with you.   For myself, I hope to find some new classes and hobby’s to keep me thoughtful, feeling fit, and in-the-know (salsa is at the top of the list..)

Finally!  It feels so wonderful to have a purpose.  This weekend I’ll be reviewing brunch spots in Brooklyn; bring your coffee, and read up on the best eggs in town.  xx Helen Anne



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8 responses to “On Reinvention.

  1. hi Helen,
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I shared a favorite Blossom Dearie tune with you to match your post.
    Let’s go to Siggy’s next time in town (March 3rd most likely.)
    can’t wait for al fresco weather. have a great weekend exploring your new home.

  2. Anne Marie & Armand

    Oh, what joy you bring to all your faithful followers with this post. Love you, gram & gramps

  3. Maidy

    Dear Euromode (or is it Helen?). I have been reading your posts since you were in Amsterdam as I would love to live in that city for a little while… How exciting that you are now in NYC and I can follow all that too. A dear friend of mine will shortly be moving to NYC to experience all it offers (just as you will be) so I will forward to this to her (she is 21) and know she will get so much out of it. It was lovely to read your first post and will look forward to them all. Maidy (Sydney)

    • Hi Maidy! Yes, it’s Helen. Glad to hear you’ve been reading since the beginning- tell me if you end up going to Amsterdam, I have a lot of great suggestions for travelers. Please do forward my blog to your friend, I’d love to help out a fellow newcomer 🙂 Best, Helen

  4. Kathleen Ruby

    What a great piece to read at the crack of dawn in Groton, CT. You’ll make New Yorkers of all of us! Love, Mom

  5. Tarik

    had to think of this when I read your post.http://www.tate.org.uk/magazine/issue3/images/consume_ishoptherefore_large.jpg

    Good to read everything goes well there with you. Groetjes Tarik

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