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2012: Helen Anne, The American Girl.

Sheeeeeeee’s back! After a month of r & r (I realize few people get any r&r in December, but I guess I was lucky this year), I’ve returned to normalcy.

As a first  step, I’m now employed.  As a second step, I’ll be moving back to New York City!  And as a third step, I’ve embraced my new American life.  My partner from The Netherlands is due to arrive in early February, and life couldn’t be better.

I’ve decided to continue the blog while living in New York, and will keep the “euromode” name.  Though my posts will not be as travel oriented, I hope to share with you the incredible, beautiful, and crazy experience of living in “the city that never sleeps.”   You’ll meet some friends, some family, and tour famous museums.  I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite neighborhoods to brunch, stroll, and dance in.  Don’t worry– their will still be world renowned architecture & designer fashion.. perhaps I’ll even venture beyond the Tri-state area once in awhile.  2012 is a fresh slate, and a new Helen Anne.  I’m happy to be back, and hope you’re ready for a new mode.  Welcome to New York everybody.  xx Helen Anne




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