My Hobby.

Friends, I have a hobby.  Well, the fact is I have many hobbies, but this is about as “crafty” as it gets.  You may be thinking to yourself, “oh collaging, that’s so 90’s..”  But it just so happens that collaging is timeless, treasured, and an excellent way to relax, while thinking creatively.  How can I combine these different images to get the big picture?  Somehow it gives me unexplainable delight to take these silly magazine cutouts, and arrange them according to my definition of perfection.  I hope you like them. xx Helen Anne



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2 responses to “My Hobby.

  1. eileeeeen

    i am so with you here, except that I like all the images to be pure color, and therefore the creation more like a mosaic. i call it paper craft. touching and cutting various weights and weaves of paper is a big part of the fun, and then like you I strive for neat, neat, neat results.

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