A word on the Amsterdam Fashion Scene.

Several hundred years ago, during the Dutch Golden Age, present day New York was discovered, riches were brought home from the Far East, and Holland laid the foundation for the first stock market. The Dutch accomplished all of this wearing clogs.

Dutchies do not have fashion in their blood, like the French or Italian. That being said, things have changed since the 1600’s.  There is an emerging sense of stark yet innovative design in the boutiques, and a retro, alternative-chic style seen on the streets of Amsterdam.  For the stylish Dutchie, Amsterdam means vintage stores, eclectic clothing markets, and a touch of minimalism in design.

Street style in Amsterdam is anything but traditional.  This city is famous for pushing boundaries, and for better or for worse, this translates into fashion. Black ripped tights might be paired with military boots, jean shorts, and a vintage fur coat.  Muted colors have been popular here for years, but with the color revolution, more reds and greens have started popping up between grays and blacks.

Dutch designers tend to favor simplicity, and clean lines, with a hint of drama and rawness.  There is an industrial feeling in many of the uber hip boutiques, like SPRMRKT on the Rozengracht, and music venues in the city, like Trouw, famous for its electronic scene.

Music is a very important element of Ilja Visser’s new brand and store: Ready to Fish. This boutique space has a surrealistic vibe, with an all-white interior, TV screens built into old furniture and computers for listening to the store’s compilation album.  The style here is feminine, with a global aspect, and an element of fantasy.

Stylish, edgy Amsterdammers can be found wandering the small, intimate streets of the Negen Straatjes, where independent boutiques and stylish shop owners reign supreme.  The Negen Straatjes reside in the neighborhood of the Jordaan, also home to the Noordermarkt, which is arguably the best vintage clothing market in the city.   Browse the pics below for some of my favorite spots.  xx Helen Anne



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3 responses to “A word on the Amsterdam Fashion Scene.

  1. Anne Marie & Armand

    The pictures depict the uniqueness of the city, but most impressive is your dialogue. Love it, gram & gramps

  2. This is fantastic. I stumbled across your blog while searching for other Americans with blogs in the area. Shopping so far (outside of the major retailers) around here seems to be a crap shoot. I can’t wait to check some of these stores out to find some fun (and unique) clothing.

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