Amsterdam Bucket List.

With less than three months left in this neat city, I’ve got a lot of my mind, and a lot to do.  I sat down today at a very inspiring cafe in De Jordaan, and came up with this list of things I need to, have to, do before I leave:

-Visit a beach with lots of sand dunes

-See Swan Lake at Het Muziektheatre

-Listen to Jazz at the Bimhuis

-Visit the new Rubens exhibition at The Hermitage

-Dance at Studion 80, and Canvas op de 7e

-Take the red light district tour

-Eat at that strange, floating Chinese restaurant near Centraal Station

-Go to Museumnacht

-Hang out at Hanneke’s Boom

-Buy something from a Dutch designer

-Eat as much Oliebollen as possible

-Travel to the following Dutch towns: Leiden, Delft and Nijmegen

Does anyone have other suggestions of what I should do before I leave??

Thanks! x Helen Anne



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9 responses to “Amsterdam Bucket List.

  1. Arabella

    Visit the IJhallen 🙂 google it!! X

  2. Jen

    Come home with pictures and stories of each one! Let me know once you are home we HAVE to get together! A year is too long to go without catching up Helen!

  3. Anne Marie & Armand

    It all sounds very interesting and exciting. Make the mosst of the time you have left, Helen. And continue to keep an accounting of each trip. Gram & Gramps

  4. Oliebollen!!! I miss that. One of the coolest things is having clothing by Dutch designers to bring home. I still love my Dutch clothes and have found that, even after 2 years of being back in Canada, they are still stylish (since the Dutch designs were so ahead of fashion here). My suggestion would be to get ice cream at Ijscuypje!

  5. Keith

    Visit Utrecht, if you haven’t already. We planned a one day trip through town and it ended up being our favorite place.

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