My Perfect Day in Amsterdam.

We’ve come to an important milestone, my friends.  I’ve lived in Amsterdam now for almost a year, and it’s time fore me to share with you my favorite parts of the city, in the MY PERFECT DAY blog post.

So folks, here it is:

Breakfast for me would naturally start around 11am, at Greenwood’s with fresh Irish soda bread, eggs, tea and gossip with friends.  If it were a Monday morning, I would hit the Noordermarkt, (Amsterdam’s best clothing market) with a big bag, and scour the tables and racks for vintage goodies.  Working up an appetite while toiling at the market would bring me to the Winkel 43 Cafe, where I would then devour a slice of apple taart about the size of my head.  Mmm, tasty.

Greenwood's, for the full english in Amsterdam

My afternoon would not be complete without a stroll through the Negen Straatjes, popping in and out of boutiques, looking for deals (the Dutch way) and great design.  A favorite place of mine is the legendary vintage shop, Laura Dols.  The store only stocks vintage items in very good condition, and there is wonderful variety in each section.  (If I were feeling really ambitious, I would continue my shopping on the Utrechtsestraat, planning my next trip at the A la Carte travel book store!)

Laura Dols, on the Negen Straatjes

In order to clear my mind of all of the fashion fuss, I would cycle over the canal belt  to Vondelpark for a walk through the rose garden, before heading to the FOAM photography museum, for my daily dose of culture.

Recent exhibition at FOAM

As my busy day would start winding down, I’d grab a friend (most likely my boyfriend) and head to Burgermeester, home to the finest hamburger- or lamburger or salmonburger -in the world.  Ok I might be exaggerating, but these are some of the tastiest burgers, topped with such healthy and innovative stuff (truffle egg, chorizo, asparagus, anyone?)

Burgermeester, the burger master

Fueled up for a nightout, it would be time to hit the town.  High heels on bicycle pedals would take me first to Cafe Lux, for a drink with a hip crowd.  If I had tickets for a special DJ, it would probably be at Trouw, but on a normal night, the music and atmosphere of De Kring/Club Up would draw me in to dance the night away.

Craziness @ Club Up

So there you have it.  All my favorite places, all in one post.  If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, let me know- I just might be able to help 🙂

Talk of the Town:


Singel 103

020 6237071


Noordermarkt 9-3

Winkel 43

Noordermarkt 43


Laura Dols

Wolvenstraat 6

020 6249066

A la Carte

Utrechtsestraat 110-112

020 6250679



Cafe Lux

Marnixstraat 403

+31 20 422 1412

De Kring/Club Up

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 26-1



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2 responses to “My Perfect Day in Amsterdam.

  1. Anne Marie & Armand

    You make it sound so exciting and somewhat elegant, I feel like getting the first plane out of Logan to join you. I would probably bring gramps with me to keep me out of trouble! gramma

  2. So many great places on this list! I love Burgermeester!!! Best burgers in Amsterdam.

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