J.Crew + Ballet = A Dream Come True

Two of my favorite things in the world, together at last.

For all y’all Europeans, J.Crew is a high-end clothing retailer known for its cashmere, quality, and its “modern meets classic” look.  They are the brand that has been literally recession proof, and continues to set design and retail trends at breakneck speed.  J.Crew’s advertising is consistently genius, with catalog/web photo shoots taking place all over the world.  There is always a degree of glamor and geek combined- but the way the stylists tend to put unexpected looks together (and be successful at it) is a major reason why J.Crew has remained popular, whilst so many other retailers flounder.

Seeking new inspiration for their fall cashmere collection, J. Crew traveled to the Mariinsky ballet school in Saint Petersburg.  The photographs that came out of this shoot are incredible.  It has always been some sort of a dream of mine to combine fashion and ballet, and now poof- here it is, staring out at me from the J. Crew blog!  The quality and grace of the dancers movements paired with the soft and delicate sweaters is a match made in heaven.  I think this may be the first of many ballet inspired fashion shoots.  What better models than dancers, and what better way to showcase the wear-ability and elegance of your clothing?

Ballet has recently found its way to the spotlight again, with the release of the controversial drama, Black Swan, and with the emergence of reality/competition dance TV.  I hope that all this new media attention will help to revive one of our most rare, beautiful and detailed art genres.  As a former dancer, I am familiar with the financial difficulty that comes with putting on elaborate productions year after year.  Most dancers dance for the love of their art,  but sadly, their paychecks will (most likely) never reflect the extreme work ethic and dedication it takes to be a professional dancer.

J. Crew is doing its part to keep ballet thriving, and modern- while managing to artfully sell their pricey cashmere sweaters.  I am so thrilled with the idea, and the photos, that I think I will print and frame them.  Because when you’ve got a dream, you’ve got to hold on to it.

Check out the entire collection here:




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3 responses to “J.Crew + Ballet = A Dream Come True

  1. Mom

    Very nice Helen. Or should I say, Genius 🙂

  2. Anne Marie & Armand

    Is that you,Helen, the ballerina? She looks like you. It brings back pleasant memories when you were a ballerina. gram & gramps

  3. I’ve been thinking lately that it’s time to get back into dance.. not neccessarily ballet, perhaps ballroomroom, salsa, modern- the possibilities are endless! Dance has really shaped me in many ways, and now its time to get back to the studio.

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