In Love, With Laduree.

As a patisserie connoisseur, I would like to announce my newest muse: the macaroon. This small, yet plump, delicate morsel has made quite the entrance into the international gourmand arena.  On my recent trip to Paris, I sat down at the Laduree on the Rue Royale, to taste these small sweets I’d heard so much about.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Laduree macaroon did not disappoint.  The entire thing was so flavorful, and the cream inside so decadently rich.  The macaroons come in many flavors, and there is not one thing artificial tasting about them!  The lemon and caramel were my personal favorites.  My only regret was not sampling the cakes, pastries or chocolates in the dreamy display.

But there is more to like about this elegant and extremely feminine gourmandise.  My heroine, Marie Antoinette, is the inspiration behind the theme and decor of the shop. This same decor is also brilliantly displayed on the website, and in the absolutely adorable (and mouth watering!) video, the laduree dream:

Against all odds, Laduree is a raging success in Paris, and around the world (New Yorkers- Laduree opened just days ago on 864 Madison Avenue!)  They show no sign of stopping, or losing creativity either.  Laduree’s lastest gig: a bar, serving none other than the macaroon cocktail- unbelievable!

For me, Laduree was love at first sight.  I can’t wait to visit the place again, and have a taste of everything on the menu!  Ahhh, nothing says “French” better than a tiny, creamy, pastel-colored pastry 🙂



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2 responses to “In Love, With Laduree.

  1. There’s a Dutch coconut cookie going under the name of ‘makroon’, is it similar to that? Btw, I like your writing style. The subject matter isn’t necessarily my cup of tea (as you might have guessed), but thanks to your style it’s still fun to read. Also, I have to point out that I have a passionate hatred for Marie Antoinette, being the embodiment of decadence she is. Might be a nice topic to discuss some day.

    • Thanks Wouter! I have no idea about that Dutch coconut cookie.. We’ll have to hash out Marie Antoinette another day. I happen to think she was quite a swell lady, and the French often used her as a scapegoat for their own problems. She is the founder of the modern day obsession with: design/fashion/hairstyle/celebrity culture. Though she was ill- equipped to run France, she sure was at the forefront of style.

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