Property Of.

Herenstraat 2.

Here’s one for all of my male readers out there.. oh wait, don’t think I have any (besides Gramps :))

I came upon an absolutely striking boutique last weekend while strolling the Prinsengracht- Property Of.  It is a new concept in retail: the store is designed as a cafe, but once inside, the customer can find beautiful bags hanging from the walls, and a wonderful handpicked selection of specialty magazines on the bar top and tables.

The inspiration of cafe culture is the concept behind the store: the constantly changing characters, and the energy, style, and dynamic force they bring to an establishment (  This philosophy makes itself increasingly known when you are handed a piping hot espresso, or cold glass of water, free of charge.

After chatting with the extremely friendly store manager, I found that everything from the tiles on the floor, to the gorgeous coffee-maker were specialty items, from far away locales.  The feeling of the boutique is extremely retro, like you’ve been caught in a vintage photograph: the music, chic coffee cups, and one of a kind merchandise add extra flavor to the shopping experience.

In stock are some really design-savvy men’s bags and wallets, notebooks, magazines, and travel guides.  I picked up a copy of a magazine called, The Gentlewoman.  It’s now my new go-to favorite magazine.  (Girls, please take a look, you won’t regret it:

I knew this shop would be an instant hit with the boyfriend, who is really into this new “gentleman’s style” trend.  The place is cool, refined, cosy and customer friendly.  If you appreciate quality and great design with an innovative twist, visit Property Of, at Herenstraat 2.


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  1. Anne Marie & Armand

    I like the little round table at the rear of the store, sitting there i would be able to catch all of the action, but where are all the customers??

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