Yours truly, on the tandem bicycle.

There has been a lot of speculation about this “mystery” bike I have been riding for the past few months.  Wonder no longer my friends, here is the bike in all its glory!

Here’s how it works:

The two girls I Au Pair for sit in front of me; the older sister sits in the first seat and helps with the pedaling, and the younger one sits comfortbaly on the second seat.   I steer, balance and pedal this bad boy from the back seat, and keep a constant look out for cars, trams, dogs, other bikes, horse and buggy.. you get the picture.  Learning to maneuver this bike is a skill set in its own right.  It’s very, very heavy, and difficult to turn.  In order to get this bike into the bike rack, you must have patience and perserverance (two qualities I haven’t been naturally blessed with).  Needless to say, I stay quite in shape handling this bike five days a week, and tourists seem to be quite impressed with the contraption.  I should say, we are sort of a tourist attraction on this bike.. not that I’m bragging or anything;)

Safe cycling to all! xx Helen Anne


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  1. Anne Marie & Armand

    If Grammy & I come visit, do we get a ride on the bike? We are truly enjoying the blog! Gramps.

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