From Winter to Spring

Spring has sprung.  Rejoice!  It’s a miracle.  Here in Dutch land, the temperature is rising daily, and the sun has FINALLY begun to show its face.  I am pleasantly surprised by the early spring in Holland; in the States, spring doesn’t really come until mid April.

In the past few days, Amsterdam has started to come alive: cafes have now set up their patio furniture, and literally the whole population comes outside to do everything.  House doors stand open, and old men sit smoking cigarettes in deep thought on their stoops.  Toddlers play in the streets, and teens become flirtacious (and a bit obnoxious on their bicycles).  This is a phenomenom you see as well in the States, but in Europe it’s to the extreme.  I often think, don’t these people have to work?  Can you really spend all day outside at the cafe and in the Vondelpark?  Apparently many can.

To change the subject a bit, let’s talk clothes!!   Spring is great and all, but it often leaves us rushing in the morning, trying to pick out an outfit that is both colorful and warm.   I constantly struggle with this.  I’ve found that it works well to layer your warm dark colored stuff on first, and then add the extra pop of color via a bright sweater, scarf, pair of socks, or other accessory.  The runway showed some pretty serious neons and bold colors for this season, which can be both a blessing and a curse.  I absolutely lovveeee bringht colors, but I cringe if I see someone who has combined all the colors of the rainbow in one outfit.  Therefore, the rule is to always combine your brights with a palette of lovely neutrals.  See some ideas below for a happy medium:


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