Paris: these are a few of my favorite things!

What is it about Paris that attracts millions of tourists each year?  A certain je ne sais quoi.  Actually I do know, and I will tell you.  The French simply live life as it should be lived: stylishly, with great art and good food.  They cherish their history, and look to the future.  They portion their food, walk in gorgeous shoes, speak a beautiful language, and stay culturally and politically involved.

The French often get a bad name on the other side of the pond.  They are referred to as snobby, rude, pretentious.  But if you make the tiniest effort to speak a few words of French to them, they change instantly.   You can check out some podcasts to get the accent right.  Pour example: Parlez vous anglais?  Bonjour, je voudrais un cappuncino.  See?  Anyone can do it.

I have never had a negative experience with a French person.  In fact, when I was lost at 1am in the horrible maze of the “Chatelet” metro stop, a kind French couple walked me all the way to the correct line I needed to get on.  It was a 10 minute walk.

Here are a few things I adore about Paris.   Being fortunate enough to have been there twice in the past three months, I have come up with this short list of  my favoirites:

Building or Monument: Opera de Paris Garnier.  If you’ve ever seen Phantom of the Opera, you’ll know why.  It is simply breathtaking, mysterious, haunting, and grand.

Street: St. Germain des Pres (ok, I’m predictable)

Museum: Big Museum-  Mussee D’Orsay, for impressionistic dreaming.  Do stop by and see the Degas ballerinas!   Small Museum-  Musée Nissim de Camondo for a beautiful home and art collection with a tragic ending, in early 20th century Paris.

Patisserie:  Anything with an enticing window display.  I’m a sucker for an opulent visual.  There are some lovely patisseries near and on the St. Germain des Pres. Please try a macaroon.  Do it for me.

Boutique- Everything in Le Marais..  peek into RAG, HippyMarket, and Allison & Sasha

Dessert-  Tarte Aux Pommes

While you’re dreaming about a perfect trip to Paris, download some French jazz.

*Search: St. Germain des Pres Café, in ITunes (I have Volumes 1- 8).


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  1. Helen,
    I love your blog. You are amazing. I can’t wait to see you!

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