I have a problem.  Ok, it’s not a big problem, but whenever I go into a cafe in Amsterdam, I cannot be satisfied with just ordering a drink alone.  I must, must have an appeltaart, if there is one available.

This is an addiction that goes way, way, back.  I was the little girl at Thanksgiving who ate  a nibble of turkey, and three pieces of pie for dessert.  And then proceeded to eat the pie leftovers for breakfast  the following four mornings.  It’s plain and simple, pie to me is heaven, everything a dessert should be: a bit of fruit, yummy brown sugar, and a doughy crust that leaves you smacking your lips.

However, the best part about Dutch appeltaart is actually the heavy whipped cream that accompanies it.  Heavy, luxurious, hand-whipped cream is to appeltaart, like outrageousness is to Lady Gaga.  They fit so well together.  So here’s a toast to Dutch appeltaart: may you always sit happily in your cafe display case, and remain tasty as can be!

Here’s a recipe for you from

Eet smakelijk! xx


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