month 1

My first official blog post.  Though I realize it’s now February, I would like to tell you about my January.  I rang in the New Year on a dutch rooftop in the De Pijp neighboorhood of Amsterdam.  Fireworks, set off on the streets below, exploded everywhere . The Dutch are no strangers to a good party.

Work began for me as an Au Pair.  I work for a family that has two adorable girls, age 6 and 8.  I ride a tandem bike (see below)with the girls, learn how to cook, and am basically becoming domestic.  At the beginning it was quite a challenge getting used to the family’s routine (I get up at 6:45am!), but now I am more adjusted.   I’ll try to keep talk about work to a minimum however.  I received my Au Pair permit on January 15, and can legally stay in Holland until December 2011!   Despite all the changes in my life that occurred in January, it was in general a bit boring.  I didn’t have a lot of time to visit museums, night spots, restaurants or travel.. things that I really look forward to.  So instead, I’ll leave you with some images of the practicalities my new life has taken on.  Enjoy! xx

The coat that has gotten me through my first Dutch winter.


Just add another seat, and you get the picture.



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2 responses to “month 1

  1. Barbara

    I so want to see you on this bike. When are we meeting to take a picture?

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