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some Vday inspiration..

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s day is around the corner. ¬†Check out the collage by yours truly, for some fun looks to try on the big day ūüėČ Kusjes!



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paris. brugge. and spain.

Here’s a blast from the past. ¬†I thought you might like to see some pics from my previous travels to France (december), Belgium (september) and Spain (august). ¬†I love buying postcards when I travel, but I have a confession to make- I rarely send them! Selfishly, I hoard them all, and they sit in a folder on my desk collecting dust. ¬†Now I want to share them with everyone. ¬†Hope you like!

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month 1

My first official blog post. ¬†Though I realize it’s now February, I would like to tell you about my January. ¬†I rang in the New Year on a dutch rooftop in the De Pijp neighboorhood of Amsterdam. ¬†Fireworks, set off on the streets below, exploded everywhere . The Dutch are no strangers to a good party.

Work began for me as an Au Pair. ¬†I work for a family that has two adorable girls, age 6 and 8. ¬†I ride a tandem bike (see below)with the girls, learn how to cook, and am basically becoming domestic. ¬†At the beginning it was quite a challenge getting used to the family’s routine (I get up at 6:45am!), but now I am more adjusted. ¬† I’ll try to keep talk about work to a minimum however. ¬†I received my Au Pair permit on January 15, and can legally stay in Holland until December 2011! ¬† Despite all the changes in my life that occurred in January, it was in general a bit boring. ¬†I didn’t have a lot of time to visit museums, night spots, restaurants or travel.. things that I really look forward to. ¬†So instead, I’ll leave you with some images of the practicalities my new life has taken on. ¬†Enjoy! xx

The coat that has gotten me through my first Dutch winter.


Just add another seat, and you get the picture.


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