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Welkom in Amsterdam, and to Helen’s blog!  I started this blog, because I wanted to share my experiences with friends near and far.  I moved to Amsterdam in December 2010, to live with my boyfriend of 3 years, to work as an au pair, to travel, and to try to learn Dutch.  Living in Europe is pretty fantastic, but at times can be very frustrating.  Everyday I experience a new language, new food, different music, strange cultural habits, and a very different point of reference.  The Dutch are at their best, extremely innovative, amazing debaters, and well read/traveled.  At their worst they can be rude, arrogant (it seems as though everything has been invented by a Dutchie..), and cheap.  Anyhow, through this blog I want not only to share my trails and triumphs in cultural immigration, but also relay the artistic highlights of The Netherlands and Europe.

With that said, you can expect foamy cappuccinos, stellar fashion, crazy bikes, electro music, and Dutch masters to come.   So sit back, grab a tiny cup of coffee, and enjoy the ride! xx Helen Anne


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